Case Study 3

Case Study 3

‘We have bought an African breeze house and we would like you to design and build us a garden to compliment it’.

The landscape designers dream, the garden was to be extended into the adjoining paddock and fenced off, leaving a blank canvas with a suggestion of Africa and colonialism.

Some stipulations such as the need for wheelchair access were applied, and a decking area was to be incorporated into the design, otherwise we had a free hand.

The lady of the house is a keen gardener so the choice of plants was a joint decision and the usual request for ‘low maintenance’ did not apply. A summerhouse was installed facing west to catch the last rays of the evening sun; this was situated at the top of the slightly sloping site. A raised bed was constructed using ‘log round’ wooden stakes, set vertically into the ground, the full length of the site at the highest part of the slope. In front of this a long decking ramp was constructed to give wheelchair access to the summer house. A long bench-type seat was constructed to separate the ramp and raised border from the lower decking area.

A water feature was added to give a relaxing focal point and to break up the large area of deck.

The planting included plants such as mature palm trees and tree ferns, along with bamboo and banana plants to give that ‘jungle feel’, the back border contained plants with colour and architectural value, like grasses and Cannas as well as Euphorbia and other drought tolerant plants. A low Pyracantha hedge to the east and a mixed Choisya and Ilex hedge to the north, offering some protection from the wind, bordered the whole new garden. Lighting was introduced by way of LED spots on specimen palms and also decking lights set into the steps, all controlled from the house and summerhouse.

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