Case Study 2

Case Study 2

This steeply sloping garden with a small paved area outside the patio doors needed opening up and reshaping to allow for maximum use of all areas of the garden at different times of the day to make the most of the sun. Room for entertaining guests was a key requirement by the client, and the planting was to be reasonably low maintenance with a selection of plants that the lady of the house could utilise in her hobby of flower arranging.

A large amount of soil and plants had to be removed from the site and a strong retaining wall was required to ensure stability of the ground in which the foundation of the brick garage was situated. The wall was ‘faced’ with natural limestone walling setts to create a rustic feel and to compliment the sandstone paving, to continue the rustic theme, reclaimed railway sleepers were incorporated into the steps, decking, raised bed and gatepost. Smooth flowing curves helped make the best use of the available space and distract the eye from the long narrow shape of the site.

Lighting was catered for by concealing supply cables below the sandstone-paved patio to power recessed up lighters fixed permanently into the patio.

The conifers at the top of the garden were thinned back drastically to gain maximum space for installing a deck area to catch the last of the evening sunshine. Lights were installed to highlight the beauty of the trunks, and fairly vigorous climbers were planted to create further interest up in the canopy of the trees.

The garden now offers the perfect setting for entertaining guests and has given the owners the inspiration that allows them to enjoy a new hobby as gardeners, maintaining the existing plants and introducing new ones.

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