Case Study 1

Case Study 1

The new house and garden are on a level Northwest facing site, with five foot high fence panels all round creating areas of shade and also full on sun, a shed had already been installed in the bottom corner and a token patio had been laid as standard, with a path leading to the rear gate, the rest was mud!

The clients are ‘time poor’ due to their jobs, but they do like to spend time in the garden and want to be able to grow some plants themselves, they also want to entertain in the garden.

The terrace needed to be increased to make room for a table and chairs, and guests, a path to the shed was formed using ‘Cotswold’ stone chippings on a weed suppressant membrane, this took in the shadiest part of the garden where, if a lawn were laid it would be labour intensive to keep it healthy.

Two raised beds were formed using new garden sleepers set into the ground vertically, the beds have different ‘microclimates’ one being in partial shade and the other in full Sun’ the latter is ideal for culinary herbs such as Sage, rosemary, thyme and mint, the other bed is ornamental with a single Acer dissectum in amongst strategically placed boulders and Scottish cobbles.

The lawn takes up about a third of the overall area and is sited in the sunniest part of the garden, bordered with brick pavers set at the same level to reduce time spent keeping the edges tidy.

The bottom of the garden is laid with Scottish cobbles again and a Camelia has been planted to give some privacy and winter colour, with shrubs and herbaceous perennials filling in, leaving access to the rarely used back gate, finally Clematis montana were used to clothe the fences.

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